Thursday, 19 April 2012

Wednesday 18 March 2012

The recruits in Tucano Flt were tested on their knowledge of the History of the Royal Air Force tonight, they will move on to the history of the ATC next. They haven't made much progress in drill yet as the weather has simply been too bad since the intake started.

The members of the drill team arrived early to practice and then work on their uniforms.

The rest of the squadron did some aircraft recognition then projects. The cadets who attended the recent sector training in Radio Comms practised their skills with the squadrons handsets.

Good luck to all the cadets who are making the effort to attend the Wing athletics this weekend. Events like this are taken into account when deciding on awards and promotions. The coach for the team will be outside the TA Centre at 07.15 hrs on Sunday morning and dependent on conditions and organisation should be setting back about 16.30. Please remember your consent forms, F3822's, sports kit and food.

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