Monday, 14 May 2012

Wing competition day

After weeks of practice, we made perfect!

218 Sqn once again have taken the drill competition, it was a short margin and other squadrons have made great gains in the standard of their drill.

All cadets who took part on the day from across the whole of the South and West Yorkshire Wing deserve praise for the effort they have put into this important competition.

In terms of the top three, 218 Sqn took first place with 366 (King Ecbert) Sqn coming second and 868 (Mirfield) Sqn making up the top 3.

Our members will now represent the Wing at the Regional competition day which takes place on Sunday 17th June against the best of the 5 other Wings in the North region.

Congratulations to all the cadets and staff who have helped in the squadrons endeavour, everyone who has given 100% deserves the plaudits of this prestigious award.

A film of the winning display was taken by the parents of Cdt Grundy and may be viewed at, thank you for posting this for the Squadron.

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