Monday, 20 January 2014

Learning to Lead

The Wing Training Team delivered the first of this year’s cadet development courses during the weekend. The aim of the course is to provide cadets with the necessary information, instruction and training to enable them to become effective Junior Non-Commissioned Officers (JNCO).

The course covered aspects such as the role of the JNCO; discipline; drill; dress regulations; leadership; leadership styles; getting things done, and effective communication.  It was delivered with a range of lectures, leadership exercises and group discussions.

Cdt Wheeler was appointed the course leader on the first evening because he was the first to speak, which is not unusual for him. He performed very well during his tasks and used by the course commanders as an exemplar during the leadership exercises.

Part of his job was to ensure that the course arrived and kept to time, he found this easier during the lectures by was too frightened of WO Burbridge to glance at his watch whilst doing drill; however, he managed to keep the drill assessments to ten minute periods.
The course was full of excellent candidates all of whom performed very well over the weekend. The debate at the end of the activities to award the Roger Moss Sword produced a number of cadets who had accomplished a great deal.

Cdt Wheeler was delighted to be given the award for the most outstanding cadet, and enjoyed his ten minutes in the sun being instructed on sword drill with WO Burbridge.
We would like to thank the Wing Training Team for all their hard work and encouragement of cadets across South and West Yorkshire, everyone left feeling they had learnt something new which they would try when back on their squadrons.

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