Sunday, 1 June 2014

Three Steps to Heaven.

218 Squadron cadets took the first step of three on this year’s journey towards the Drill Championship.

With strong competition from across South and West Yorkshire Wing, but particularly this year from 2387 Pudsey Squadron, the drill squad had to be at their very best. Judging this year was undertaken by staff from Central and East Yorkshire Wing, and because of the changes in weather on the day, the inspection was carried out indoors. Outside it was raining cats and dogs.

In Psalm 97, it says “Light shines on the righteous,” and as soon as the inspection was over the clouds cleared to give the squad a best wishes from upstairs. The sun remained shining down as they performed the required sequence of manoeuvers. The squad then marched off to great applause. Literally seconds after they had finished, the heavens open again and the rain came thumping down.

At the end of the day Rotherham came first, continuing a tradition of being in the top 3 since 1956. FS Dovey came second as NCO i/c despite last year being 5th in the entire ACO at the Corps championship.

Also of note was Cdt Fair who managed a respectable third in our first year of entering the First Aid competition.

With the Regional Competition just 3 weeks away the members of the squad must continue to try to find the balance between revision of GCSEs and A-Levels, and the need to practice hard to ensure they give it their best shot at trying to get to the Corps competition again.

Thanks go to the Staff who put on an excellent competition day with lots going on despite the poor weather.

Despite this being a very successful day, I’m sure that staff and cadets would appreciate some consideration given to the timing of the competition which clashes unfavourably with important exams.

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