Sunday, 13 July 2014

Fund raising at Asda

Cadets and staff from the Rotherham branch of Royal Air Force Air Cadets held a bag packing day at the Rotherham Asda store on Saturday 14th June. With the assistance of the Asda staff and the great input from their customers we raised over £1200. Which means that the generous folk of our local community gave us an amazing £200 per hour.

The money will be used to help fund a water sports activity week in France, where cadets will undergo a number of challenges and experiences to build on their communication; leadership and teambuilding skills, and help with confidence and self-reliance.

Cadet Ella Clark-Green said, “They were generally polite and gave generously. It was a fantastic experience and I would love to do it again.”

A member of the public emailed the school of Cadet Marcus Hudson to thank him for his help in bag packing and also entertaining her baby. She told us that he was a fantastic example to the cadets and the school.

The other benefit to the bag packing event is that not only does it raise money but it also helps attract people who want to get involved. Teenagers will often come over and have a chat about what we do. It raises awareness of the fabulous opportunities we provide to the young people in our local community.

The cadets and adult staff at would like to thank the staff at Asda and the people using the store for their help and for making us feel so welcome. The final total was £1201.71

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