Thursday, 31 July 2014

Setting the standard

Congratulations to Adult Sergeant Stuart Haywood on completing his Senior Non-Commissioned Officers Initial Course (SSIC). The course consists of a number of elements including communication skills, instruction and tuition skills and drill, dress and deportment. Stuart’s recent service as an RAF Police dog handler obviously helped with demands of the course and he was presented with the award for top student.

Sergeant Stuart Haywood is now eligible to compete for the Quinton Memorial Trophy. This is awarded to the Senior Non-Commissioned Officer (SNCO) who receives the highest marks in the examinable aspects of the SSIC. The award is presented by the Commandant of the Region the SNCO is deployed to and a certificate signed by the Commandant Air Cadets is given for the winner to retain.

Another benefit of Stuarts performance is that he has been recommended for a place on the Drill Instructors Course held at the Adult Training Facility. This current knowledge of drill practice will prove to be invaluable to the squadron in future drill competitions.

Stuart enjoyed the course and would like to thank all involved, he made some great new friends along the way as well.

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